02 maj, 2010

The Emancipation of Man

Well, this is my first post in English. I haven't chosen to write in English because I want to encourage the anglifying of culture - on the contrary. I want a more diverse input in cultural debate and therefor I think it's a good idea that voices be heard from all corners, including my little northern corner of Sweden. So I'm simply chosing English so that more people can understand and read me. I hope the language won't change my way of expressing myself. I hope to, like the film maker Werner Herzog, have the English language bend for my expressions rather than the other way around.

So, the first post in English is inspired by the celebrating of 1st of May. A political, red, historically socialdemocratic workers' holiday when the people traditionally marched with signs through town centres. This year it rained, and I for one was bored and prefered to seek out the only places open on bank holidays (red days we call them in Sweden) - large multinational superkapitalist store chains. Toys R' Us. Probably the staff are forced to work and not allowed to have a union. So that's where I went, though I'm not proud to say it, and browsed the overpriced toys. And anyway to get to the point, it's this speech I want to post today, not mine but this one, by former Swedish minister of state Olof Palme:

Olof Palme on The Emancipation of Man

This speach should be completely outdated today, having been made 30 years ago. But unfortunately it is not, politicians debate the same things today as if they were almost new ideas. Just shows how long it takes to change society.

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