03 juli, 2008

WALTIC - Writers' and Literary Translators International Congress www.waltic.com

Horace, Jan Gorak, Bharati och Dubravic.

Some questions remain unanswered after WALTIC, like why did Bharati call Horace 'Harald' twice during the discussion? Was it to do with Harald Bloom (critic), or did she mix up the letters of his surname some how? Engdahl - he...ald?

We know the novel is in the laptop, but what's in Susanna Alakoskis next novel?
When Spivak talks we all listen, Spivak-struck.
I was her personal assistent, and I say to you who will next assist her. She takes milk in her coffee. Not much though. Just enough.

Head of the table is Mats (chairman of the Swedish writers union), Anna Forslund, Helena, Anna Panna Morin, Gabriella Håkansson who we hope will enjoy Skåne, on the left side from the top is yours truely Ingrid, Eva Ulander (you can't see her but she's there and she'll always be your trygga punkt), Anneli and Henrik (international secretary of the Union and in other words professional partier).
And why did the halbut (hälleflundra) take 2 hours to get to my plate? We missed the last talk with Saša Stanišic at Kulturhuset, waiting for a fish... Was it worth it?

Riksväg 66 vid midnatt på lördag natt/ Midnight along the road to my town after the congress. On foot with my suitcase on wheels.

2 kommentarer:

  1. så jonas hassen khemiri o oivio polite var också med?
    post-kolonial svenska elit typ.

  2. hej på dig albinokattungen sandberg...
    det vet jag inget om. jag speglade mig mest i min omgivning och såg därför bara mig själv. hade en förträffligt fin kväll som alltid.