15 maj, 2008

2 days in Paris
Written and directed by: Julie Delphy
Rate: 9
She brings her boyfriend to Paris and the fighting never stops, funny and farcical.

Written by: Diablo Coady
Rate: 8
A teenager gets pregnant and considers the options. Funny.

Charlotte Gray
Directed by: Gillian armstrong
Rate: 1
Oh my gosh! Set in France during the war, a joke, meant to be serious but more like a comedy.

You, me and everyone we know
Directed by: Miranda July
Rate: 7
Weird artsy coincidences in the suburb

Across the universe
Written and Directed by: Julie Taymor
Rate: 4
Beatles musical

Bend it like Beckham
Directed: Gurinder Chadha
Girls play soccer across cultural barriars.

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